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Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions, based in Australia is a leading supplier of Test & Measurement Equipments dealing with Sales, Rentals & Lease of Test Instruments. Besides, it offers a range of services including Repair, Calibration, Asset management, Test & Tag, Disposal Services, Technical support, etc. Some of our solutions include Power Quality solutions & Analysis, Energy Efficiency, Conservation & Audit services, Finance leases, Application Solutions and Product & Application Training.

About Us

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions is one of the most reliable and reputed companies in Australia specialized in the sales, rentals, hire and lease of Test Instruments. Over the years, it has earned a niche for itself in the supply of test equipments, besides a myriad of allied services and solutions with Nationwide Delivery. With free technical support, Instrument Configuration, Expert Advice, Free Application Solutions & On-site Technical Support, you can count on us for all your requirements.


Some of the benefits of availing our various solutions and services include free technical support on test instruments, free equipment configuration, highly personalized customer service, free application solutions for testing, installation & commissioning, free expert advice and on-site technical support at affordable costs.


Test & Measurement Equipments

Supreme Technology & Energy solutions brings you quality test & measurement equipments from some of the leading test instrument manufacturers & suppliers including Elspec, Fluke, Hioki, Megger, Metrel, Neptune, Rishab, Weisgmbh, et al. The product section of Supreme Technology has been classified according to brands, category and application, depending upon your requirements. We have over 100 plus categories of test & measurement equipments so that you can purchase them easily according to your specific requirement. You can also browse through the various products depending upon your particular requirement and this also allows you to look into other products that we have in this section for a particular requirement. Please make use of the search filter to refine you search so that you get exactly what you need in the product section.


Test Equipment Rentals

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions brings you a whole range of rental options on some of the global manufacturing brands including Elspec Technologies, Flexim, Fluke, Hioki, Megger, Metrel, Flir Systems, etc. The following links below will highlight some of the rental options that we offer you so as to make the best of them according to your budget, application and requirements.

Short-Term Rentals

We offer Short Term Rentals of test equipments and several other instruments based on a short-term period of rent so that you can readily save money over purchase. You are also at total peace of mind with our calibrated and ready to use equipments. Ideal for all project types, you can now free up the cash for other investments with complete access to the latest form of technology.

Long-Term rentals

We offer Long-Term rentals of electrical and electronic equipments depending upon your specific requirement and period of use. Here you need no capital expenditure. You can rent for a year or just as long as you actually need the equipment. All the equipments are meticulously tested prior to dispatch. Rental payments are subjected up to 100% tax deduction with free technical support and services.

Month to Month rentals

The Month to Month Rental of Test Equipments provides you one of the most economical monthly rental costs. Every rental payment actually brings you to the point where you can go own to the purchase the equipment. Month to Month Rentals is the ideal program if you are not bent on purchasing the unit with month-to-month payment, competitive rates and comprehensive buyout options.

Test Instruments Lease

Leasing of equipments is an excellent option for availing the latest equipments with affordable monthly payments and minimal cost. You get access to competitive rental rates, world class technical assistance, quick Turn-around Time, besides gamut of selection to choose from, 100% financing, minimum initial investment, highly competitive rental rates and cut-back on your capital expenditure.

Rent-to-Own Option

With buyout option at the end of term or even during the rental period, you have an option whether to procure an equipment or not with sizable savings with our Rent-to-Own Option. With quality technical support, complete hassle free and trouble-free usage of equipments, free maintenance & calibration, this rental option offers you the lowest buyout price to purchase the equipment!

Operating Leases

Supreme Technology offers you Operating Leases, one of the best available options when you require any equipment for 12 to 36 months! Some of the benefits of this rental option include accurate budgeting, greater choice of term & flexibility, minimum obsolescence of instruments, maintenance of lines of credit, 100% financing, extended budget option, improved cash flow and 100% tax deductible repayments.

Project Hire

We provide project hire option that can help you save up on front investment costs, so that you can focus on the cost allocation of your project. Our highly professional team will help you test electrical installations on project-to-project basis, no matter what the scale or the size of the project is. Therefore if you’re looking for a suitable cost effective solution, then why not consider our Project Hire option today!

Equipment Leases

With greater flexibility in the management of financial resources, highly competitive rates, gamut of financing solutions, access to quality support team, due rental replacements in case of defective equipments, faster delivery, efficient testing before despatch and option to avail both refurbished & new equipments, Supreme Technology offers customers Equipment Leases option for balancing your cash flow with greater financial flexibility.


Buy Test & Measurement Equipments

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions provides a gamut of new test equipments featuring the latest products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturer and brands. Our partnership with these brands guarantees that these new test equipments are delivered in a timely manner. With Supreme Technology &n Energy Solutions, you are assured of not only the best test equipments, but you also get an inside view of which unit is actually suitable for you. As we are an unbiased supplier of test equipments, we do take into consideration all the brands before we recommend a particular product to our esteemed customers. Please click upon the links below to know more about New, Used, Ex-Rentals & Refurbished test equipments that we deal with. You can also try out a particular product before you actually go for it.


Services related to Test Equipments

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions brings you a gamut of services including Test equipment Repair, Test & Tag services, Calibration of Test Equipments, Asset Management, Disposal Services and Trade - In of test & measurement equipments, all at affordable price ranges. Simply click upon the individual links mentioned below to know more about our services.

Asset Management

We offer Asset Management services that can completely relieve you of the trouble of managing equipments in-house. It also allows customers to manage all their core activities. We are a proven expertise in asset management of test equipments taking complete control over purchase, preparation, training, repair, support, disposal and maintenance through to sub-rental of equipments.

Test Instruments Calibration

We help you in the Calibration of test instruments on-site or at our calibration facility so as to ensure that they function smoothly and stick to all forms of specific regulatory requirements and quality standards. Our customers are therefore assured quality of products with elimination of any perceived risks, increased productivity level, detailed documentation and Recall notification.

Test Equipment Repair

We are committed to monitoring legacy of the equipments. Our repair services of our test equipments are marked by fast turnaround time, minimal repair charges, performance verification of the equipment after repair besides potential cost savings rather than replacing the entire unit. We also offer cosmetic refurbishment services for all your test equipments.

Test & Tag

We offer Test & Tag services in which the equipments are tested to make totally WorkCover requirements’ compliant. All equipments are tested to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and all the other tasks are carried out as required by the Australian Standard like record keeping. We also carry out PAT Testing including training in-house & electrical safety inspection as per AS/NZS3760 Australian Standards.

Trade - In

Our Trade In services allows you to convert your surplus test equipment into cash. Just trade in with us to get the test equipment you need today from some of the leading brands including Hioki, Fluke, Elspec, Pelican, Megger, Metrel, Iskra, Fluke, Algodue, Aplab, etc. We also have an Asset management plan for you in place to have your bulk quantities to dispose of, thereby increasing both cash flow & ROI.

Disposal Services

With Supreme Technology, your under-utilized or unwanted equipments are always an asset that can be transformed into cash. We help you promote your test equipment and obtain the best re-sale value through one of the leading used equipment networks of global brands. Besides, you have total control of the inventory, with access to newer forms of stream.



Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions offers a wide range of solutions including Power Quality Solutions & Analysis, Energy Efficiency, Finance Leases, Energy Conservation, Energy Audit, Application Solutions, On-Site Technical Support and Product & Application Training, the details of which will be exhaustively covered in this section.

Power Quality Solutions

We are a leading provider of power quality and electrical demand solutions with continuous monitoring, analysis, reporting, data collection and troubleshoot operations. Our power quality solutions are comprehensive and scalable to fit your budget. Besides, we diagnose the fault before they turn out to be potential failures and our interactive documentation and reports help you find the problem.

Power Quality Analysis

Consultants at Supreme Technology can offer you solutions to all your power quality issues and eliminate problems that are present in a typical power system. Common Power Quality issues that we deal with include Voltage Sags & Momentary Interruptions, Transients and Harmonics. We are equipped with a range of tools, techniques to analyse, identify and correct Power Quality issues.

Energy Efficiency

We carry out energy efficiency testing on-site to help realize your time-to-market requirements. We test the various components to optimize the energy efficiency of a product. Our highly qualified team of engineering professionals adhere to safety requirements & quality standards. With state-of-the-art testing facilities, we provide excellent test data and viewing real-time data live is possible through our data tracking software online.

Energy Conservation

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions help you reduce facility wide energy use by establishing energy benchmarks and determining outliers. Our strategic plan integrates your organizational goals so that you can focus on the details. We reduce energy consumption by targeting energy that is used efficiently with our time-proven, industry’s best practises, thereby leading to proactive maintenance & better productivity.

Energy Audit

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions offers a range of energy reduction services including installation of renewable energy systems, Energy Audit and Energy efficient system design & ratings. This is achieved by continuous measurement of energy currently in use and determination of ways to minimize energy consumption. We also select, maintain and install cutting edge energy audit services, besides and energy management & post audit implementation of saving proposals.

Finance Leases:

Finance leases is one of the best options available if you’ve planned to own your equipment at the termination of the lease term. This comes as a suitable choice in the case of your instrument’s useful life extending past the leasing term. Some of the advantages of going for our Finance leases option include lower cost of ownership, flexibility, expert support, know-how of the latest technology with virtually no upfront costs.

Application Solutions

With vast expertise and several years of experience in working a number of software, our engineering technicians and staff deliver applications solutions in a number of areas, based on the latest technology. In addition, we have the most suitable form of processes in place to give you support documentation and reports for a wide range of applications.

On-Site Technical Support

OnWith an expert pool of technicians and engineers, we provide you with world class support in a wide range of areas including identification, troubleshoot operations, etc. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is designed to help customers in refurbishment, repair & calibration of equipments, product modification, etc. Just give us a call or use our contact form at 1800 834 991 to receive full technical support for all your needs.

Product & Application Training

The product and application training of Supreme Technology is the ideal solution when it comes to learning using various power quality, energy conservation & efficiency products and test equipments. With the help of suitable training content, we help you receive hands on experience using and testing equipments as our training is conducted in a simulated work environment.

Online Store

Online Store

This section will help you if you are looking to purchase test equipments online from global brands. All you need to do is log in to our website, select the equipment you need, check out its features, specifications, applications, etc, add the product to the shopping cart and move on to the checkout area to complete purchase online.

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